R1200GSA East Valley Exploration Adventure Ride

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3 Responses

  1. Oz Andy says:

    Hi Lee,
    The best video yet,
    I notice you are now running TKC80s, How do they compare to your old Anakee 3 on the bitumen?
    Would appreciate some feedback.
    As you know My GSA arrives this month with TKCs as standard, I was thinking of changing to a more biased tire as I have no experience with nobbies on the black stuff

    • Lee says:

      Hi Andy,

      The short answer is, I like the TKC80’s.

      They do perform better than the Anakee 3 when riding on sand or mud, however, for my style of off-road riding which is not very aggressive, the Anakee 3 did just fine.

      On pavement, the TKC80’s perform well, they are a little noisy, and you do feel a little vibration at the handlebars, but all in all they are doing a good job.

      The only major drawback is the fact that they do not last long at all, I only have about 500 miles on them and already see noticeable wear. For my next tire I’ll try to get the K60 which I think are a good balance between a road and off-road tire.

      • Oz Andy says:

        Thanks lee
        your comments appreciated, I think I will stick with the road biased Metzler for the first set and then maybe go the TKC 80s on the second set.

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