Next Planned Motorcycle Adventure Ride

Contact me if you’d like to join me on this ride.

Ride Name:
Mendocino National Park Mini Exploration Ride

Ride Date:
23-Aug-2014 to 24-Aug-2014 (Saturday & Sunday)

Overnight Campground:
Letts Lake Campground

Day 1:
130 miles on pavement, 60 miles of hopefully easy off-pavement (day 1 route).
Leaving Hayward at 8:00 am, getting to the beginning of the off-road route at around 12:00 pm, getting to the campground at around 4:00 pm.

Day 2:
25 miles of easy off-pavement, 160 miles on pavement heading home (day 2 route).
Leaving the campground at around 9:00 am, getting to the pavement part at around 11:00 am, back in Hayward at around 4:00 pm.