iPhone Mounting on 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure

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  1. GSAdventure says:

    I’m new to the area (Menlo Park) and new the the GSA world. I noticed you have a lot of videos that are a day or so, can you give me some advice about camping in this area. Can you find a spot to just camp or do you have to schedule a camp site? Also,
    what are the rules for going around gates and riding back roads? thanks Joel

    • Lee says:

      My experience with camping is mostly unplanned. In all my trips so far, I get to an area and look for camping, or navigate to a particular campground and hoped for the best…never really had a problem so far.

      Other than that, welcome to the bay area…I would invite you for a ride, but I had a bad motorcycle accident (on a street bike) were I almost lost my right leg, long story short, it will take me about a year until I can get back on a motorcycle.

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